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Hey Papa Dude Books

Hey Papa Dude Books

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Who's This Santa Dude?

Have you ever wondered how one jolly guy in a big red suit could deliver presents to kids around the world in just one night? Come along with Papa Dude and his best friend Charlie Crab on an amazing journey in search of the real Santa Claus!

Can We Take A Road Trip?

It's time to hit the road with Papa Dude and his best friend Charlie Crab. You'll travel across America, and visit some of the most interesting and fun places you can imagine. So, pack your bags and buckle up for a road trip that you'll never forget!

What's Out There?

Papa Dude and his best friend, Charlie Crab, are taking off on an adventure that's out of this world! It's time to put on your space suit and get ready to blast off into the great unknown. This is one journey that you don't want to miss, so hang on for the ride of a lifetime as you follow Papa Dude and Charlie into outer space!

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